We breed our ADGA registered and grade Saanen and Alpine dairy goats for confirmation and milk production, and offer a select number of kids and milkers for sale each year.

Coming soon…we will be taking orders for 2021 kids. Kids will be sired by Munchin’ Hill Amos or Kickadee Hill EV Gibson *B

Be sure to check back if you are looking for a foundation doe or doeling or a new herd sire.


This year we purchased four older ewes, five ewe lambs, and a ram lamb to start a small flock of sheep. We plan to use them to clear some land, but also for wool and meat.

They are mixed breed sheep, but have solid genetics behind them. The lambs were purchased from Cornell Cooperative Extension (St. Lawrence County).

If you would like to reserve a ram lamb for your freezer in 2021 or are interested in reserving a ewe lamb or purchasing wool, please contact us.


We like to think of it as long ear love and we can’t get enough of it!

There’s nothing that compares to the warm (and loud) welcome from our five donkeys who hope to become YouTube stars – Jack, Henry, Floyd, Elsa and Josie.

Jack the Donkey
Henry the Donkey
Floyd the Donkey
Elsa the Donkey
Josie the Donkey